Sunday, March 25, 2012

Brooklyn sunset

I just got back from a trip to New York and I am feeling overwhelmingly inspired. I hadn't been out of Washington since I moved back here almost three years ago. I'm used to moving and traveling so it was beginning to feel like I was trapped here. I took the trip because I needed it. I found the plane tickets cheap and slept on a generous friend's couch, but even still it wasn't really a smart thing to do from a financial point of view. But I went anyway and got sunburned in Washington Square Park, spent four and a half hours wandering around the Natural History Museum, had a physical reaction to the beauty at the Cloisters, helped a friend with her art show, finally went to see the Irish Hunger Memorial, and had a tiny emotional breakdown. It wasn't the vacation of my dreams by any means, but it brought a little bit of much needed perspective back to my life and helped close some doors I didn't realize I had left open.

The pictures above are from the neighborhood in Brooklyn I lived in during my last year of college. It's amazing and comforting how easily New York comes back to you.

PS: Get ready to be inundated with NY photos over the next few days

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