Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Mid-Week Masters: Paul Stankard

Another incredible show now on view at the Museum of Glass in Tacoma called Beauty Beyond Nature, featuring work by Paul Stankard. While Glimmering Gone envelopes you in an environment of ice and glass, Paul Stankard's work sucks you into a tiny world of intricate and infinitesimal detail. Stakard has taken the mundane (and, let's just admit it, schlocky) glass paperweight and created incredible miniature worlds that feel as if they are their own self-supporting ecosystems. Stankard began his career in glass by blowing glass beakers and such for scientific labs which, I assume is where he developed his perfectionism and eye for detail. Like with Glimmering Gone, the photos here don't do the work justice and if you have the chance to see it in person I highly recommend it.

All photos from Paul Stankard's website. Photography was not allowed in the museum.

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