Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Handmade Challenge: Day 82

outfit details:
dress: from a Simplicity pattern
shoes: DSW

My first photo shoot outside of my own back yard. It was strange, I wanted to take the photos really fast in between when people walked by, I felt really self-conscious and kind of silly. I propped the camera up on a bench and used a remote, so many of the photos were of planks on the bench or crooked close ups of my dog as she walked in front of the camera. It was a learning experience to say the least. But a few of them turned out nicely, so I'll definitely do it again. 

I wore this dress last week when most of the Pacific Northwest was enjoying a late summer. The time for pretty, girly sundresses is swiftly fading though and I had to get one more wear in before I'm forced to wrap my limbs in leggings and layers of sweaters. The fabric I made it from is swiss dot, and I added a row of buttons down the back instead of a zipper. I'm really pleased with how the outcome looks, even though the fit of the dress makes it really hard to breathe! 

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