Friday, September 9, 2011

DIY Inspiration: Annie in Bridesmaids

So, did anyone else relate to Annie a little more than they're comfortable with? Losing your job that was really crappy to begin with. Check. Moving back in with your mom. Check. Sitting around watching as all of your friends move on and actually do something with their lives. Big fat check.

Annie's wardrobe in the movie was also really relatable. She looked like she creatively put together pieces that she picked up at the mall a couple of seasons ago because she had more important things to spend money on like rent and gas for her car and drinks to forget about her crappy life. We would all love to have Helen's wardrobe, but most of us have to make do with what we have don't we? Not that we're bitter* Speaking of making do with what we have (nice segue) I loved Annie's top in the airplane scene and I'm pretty sure drafting a pattern for my handmade challenge would be doable. Then maybe I could re-enact the scene and cement my status as a  real life Annie**

*We are
**Please, I could never wish to be as awesome as a Kristen Wiig character.

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