Friday, September 2, 2011


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I really hate it when bloggers apologize for random absences from the internet, but... I apologize for my random absence from the internet lately. My life is in flux right now to say the least. After working in a pool for a year as a swim instructor and contracting pink eye three times, a chronic sinus infection that was so bad at one point I could not smell, taste, or hear anything out of my left ear, losing my voice more times than I can count, a very painful cracked rib, and learning from my doctor that I was suffering the effects of chlorine poisoning, I finally put in my notice. At the end of September I will be officially unemployed. Originally I thought I would be starting in a photography program this fall, but that fell through because I couldn't afford the ridiculous equipment list. So, I am the typical mixture of terrified and exhilarated at the prospect of something as yet unknown beginning in my life. I am choosing to be go against my inate view of life, which tends to veer towards the pessimistic, and stubbornly sticking to positivity.

Most of my time now is spent re-writing my resume 20 different ways and applying for jobs. I'm trying to narrow my search to something that will lead somewhere (especially if that somewhere is earning a livable wage. Wouldn't that be nice?) So it's all kind of boring and stressful. But this job search has a greater sense of determination than I've ever had before, and despite looming unemployment I feel good about what's coming. We'll see if my tune changes as the end of September approaches.

*The title of this post refers to the current unemployment rate for Washington state. Kind of depressing.

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