Monday, August 15, 2011

DIY Inspiration: Miss G in Cracks

I recently watched the movie Cracks and it was absolutely GORGEOUS. Everything about the movie was stunningly beautiful. The set design, the cinematography, the costume design, and the actresses all beautiful. Whenever Eva Green or Maria Valverde's face would be on screen I think I blacked out for a second because I couldn't process how someone could be so pretty.

Eva Green is Miss G, the diving instructor, who all the girls love and admire. She is bold and strong and inspires her girls with her worldliness. But, in the end Miss G turns out to be someone not so deserving of such adoration.

Each girl has a strong sense of style that helps define them as a character. There are the modest cotton dresses and long flannel night gowns of Di and the other School girls, the soft pastel velvets and silks of the aristocratic Fiamma, and the bold patterns and fashionable cuts of Miss G. 

I particularly loved one of Miss G's hats. It's a knitted red slouchy cloche she wore in the first scene you start to suspect Miss G isn't quite as perfect as the girls think she is.

She didn't wear it for very long and there weren't any good shots of it from behind, but I'm pretty sure I can recreate the pattern and have a little of my own Miss G style. I just have to find a yarn that gorgeous shade of red first.

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