Monday, July 9, 2012

Blooming Tea

A while back someone gave me some blooming teas as a gift. If you've never seen blooming tea you should check it out because it's pretty fascinating to watch. It starts out as a little ball, then slowly opens up and sinks to the bottom of your cup. I may or may not have bought this clear glass mug just so I could watch my tea bloom.

 Of course, I had to photograph the process while also getting in some needed practice with lighting. I'm working with less than professional equipment, meaning my soft boxes are made from foam core and light chords from ikea, so some improvising had to be done. The glass is lit from both sides by my poor man's soft boxes and lit from below by a makeshift light table (I managed this with a sheet of plexi, four spaghetti sauce jars, and a light my mom uses to trace quilting patterns). Like I said, not exactly professional, but you have to start somewhere.
Now it's ready to drink

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