Friday, April 27, 2012

Mount Baker

 After a winter that wouldn't leave, spring is being very kind to Washington. We've had three weekends in a row that were gorgeous and sunny which I have spent wandering around this beautiful state as far as the gas budget would allow. Last weekend my mom and I drove to Mt Baker where the snow on the side of the road is still piled higher than your head. The air was so crystal clear that you could make out the crags on the mountain peaks and even see the cool blue of the edge of glaciers. We hadn't really planed on driving to the top of a mountain that day, and we didn't have any hiking gear, so our exploration was limited to side of the road look out points and a ski lodge parking lot. Even still the views were incredible. Sometimes, as you drove past a bend in the road a new mountain vista would emerge and the sheer size and clarity of what you were seeing made the whole thing so incredible it didn't seem real.

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These photos make it look like me and my mom were the only people on the mountain that day, but actually there were quite a few other cars on the road. Most of them only seemed interested in getting to the top so they could then turn around and get back to the bottom. I've never really understood that mentality. I guess I'm a journey person rather than a destination person.

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