Thursday, April 12, 2012

Handmade Outfit

Nothing fancy about this outfit. It's pretty much my late winter/early spring uniform. Jacket, jeans, boots, and scarf. Remember this? I had a bunch of odd leftover balls of yarn and I was in the mood to make something simple, fast, and useful, so I made a giant scarf. I nicknamed it the travel pillow scarf because if I ever need a nap on the go I can just turn my head to the side and fall asleep on my giant scarf.

I took these photos about a week ago when it seemed like winter would never release us from her cold, rainy, wet, snowy, wet, windy, cold, wet grip. But that last couple of days have been gorgeous. I guess that's the way life in the Pacific Northwest goes. Seasonal depression and vitamin D deficiency grows gradually until you start to dream of moving to SoCal or Hawaii and you've just about had your fill of soggy grey skies, when bam! Seattle hits you with a string of the most perfect, clear, sunny days imaginable. And as you look out to the crystal clear mountain ranges in the distance you can't fathom why you ever thought of leaving.

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