Tuesday, April 3, 2012

From India to the Bible Belt

Kim with the owl who performed alongside Sarah
Sarah after her performance

While in New York I had the privilege of seeing a project my dear friend Sarah has been working tirelessly on for months called From India to the Bible Belt. From India to the Bible Belt is a performative art event and a collection of works chronicling and expressing Sarah's experiences growing up in Kentucky and traveling through India.

Sarah and I met when we both moved to Glasgow, Scotland to study at the Glasgow School of Art. Before she went to Glasgow, Sarah consulted a psychic who told her she was going to meet a libra, so it was kind of destiny when we ended up living across the hall from each other. I just so happen to be a libra. We were pretty much instantly friends, which rarely happens to me. I am a get to know you over a looong period of time person. Though I have my dreamy moments, I have a tendency to be pessimistic bordering on cynical and I'll over-think a situation to death. What I've always admired about Sarah is her unfailing optimism and her conviction in the power and importance of art. She balances my personality out (balance is important to me, remember I'm a libra). 

It is a dangerous time to be optimistic and it's a dangerous time to take a risk, but Sarah did both recently when she set out with her friend Kim to put on this performative art event in Brooklyn. Sarah and Kim met when they where both traveling in India. They were both changed by what they saw and experienced in India and set out on a collaboration that resulted in this event and will continue to develop into new and exciting forms.

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