Sunday, November 20, 2011

Handmade Challenge: Day 130ish

cowl: made by me
earrings: by Moorea
jacket: Miss Sixty

These photos have been sitting on my computer since it was still a little to warm to be wearing this cowl and I'm just now getting around to posting. As you may have noticed form the general lack of posting, the handmade challenge hit a little hiccup lately. With a new job, I've been so exhausted most days, that sewing became an unfortunately low priority (higher priorities being eating, sleeping, and frustrated crying). And I'll also admit that a couple new shirts, a coat, a dress, and a new bag (which was actually kind of needed) found their way into my closet. Frustration and questions about what direction your life is taking has a way of breaking your will just the tiniest bit. But, I'm glad that I have a job at all so I'll stop complaining and move on to lighter subjects like clothes.

I saw a lot of big bulky knit cowls last year and every time I saw one I thought about how easy it would be to make one, but like a lot of the things I say I'm going to make, I never actually got around to doing it.

This yarn was an impulse buy that has been hanging around for a while mocking me. I didn't buy enough at the time to make a sweater, or even a shrug, but it is so soft and a gorgeous deep turquoise that every once in a while I would take it out and just stroke it, like a Bond villain, and whisper "one day" to it. Finally I decided on designing a simple cowl in an offset rib knit that kind of ends of looking like waves and might even pass for a lazy cable if you don't look too closely.

The earrings are very exciting because they are made by the wonderful Moorea. They are so unique that I fell in love with them the first time I saw them in her Etsy store, and my love has only grown. I'm usually not a dangly earring person, but these are the perfect combination of earthy and glam.

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  1. Such a pretty outfit. I love the texture of your scarf and the color. Thats amazing that you made it!
    Thanks for letting me know you posted this! ANd I'm so sorry to hear that your new job is so overwhelming in your life right now. I'm thinking sweet thoughts for you!
    xo Moorea