Sunday, September 25, 2011

Handmade Challenge: Day 88

dress: from a reprint of a 1940s Vogue pattern
shoes: GAP (who knew GAP had good shoes?)
socks: Madewell

The challenge is about half done and I have to say it has been surprisingly easy. I expected the temptation to be unbearable and that I would crack at least once, but I haven't at all. In fact, it's kind of been a relief. In the past, every time I bought something new I would feel obligated to wear it or I would end up feeling guilty (first world problems, I know) and that led me to ignore a lot of the things already in my closet. Now, I've been wearing things that have been neglected and I've realized what an emotional crutch shopping was for me.

The Handmade Challenge is also a bonding experience for my mom and me. She brought me up in a creative environment where troubles could be banished by building something with your hands. Sewing, among many other forms of creativity, has been a staple activity in our home for my entire life. She has also contributed a lot to this challenge and is working on a couple of patterns I cut out ages ago but never quite got around to finishing. She's the one who actually made this dress. Thanks Mom!

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