Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Handmade Challenge: Day 55

Forgive me for the lens flare shot. I know they're overdone, but I still kind of love them. Plus this one is totally real. 

necklace: made by me
top: Nordstrom
skirt: made by me

Summer finally came to Seattle for a couple of days, so obviously I had to go super girly in celebration. I'm not sure what kind of logic that is, but there you have it. This skirt is kind of a cheat because I actually made it a couple of years ago (I was even photographed by It's My Darlin wearing it! Which, by the way if you're not following that blog, you need to)

People of Seattle love to complain about the weather and even though we've had like three days this summer that cracked 80 I'm already hearing complaints about how hot and muggy it is. Personally, I am thanking whatever weird weather pattern it was that saved us from the ridiculous heat wave that hit the rest of the country. Plus, for a girl who grew up in Florida, 80 is not hot.

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